Round weaving workshop - 13/3/21


March 13, 2021
4 Alexander St, Seddon

Come and immerse yourself in the creative slow craft of weaving while you explore some self care and mindfulness approaches.

In this four-hour workshop, Lauren will teach several weaving techniques and show you how to create your own beautiful and custom round woven wall hanging! Sarah, a registered clinical psychologist, will help you bring mindful moments into your weaving, which you can later implement into other areas of your life.

Even if you already know a little about mindfulness, Sarah will introduce you to a model of self-awareness that you can take home and use to make sure you're pursuing the things that matter to you most.

We'll provide you with everything you need to start your weaving journey – rings to weave on, weaving tools, as well as ethical and sustainable yarn and roving. We also send you home with an ebook to help you continue weaving at home.

This class is perfect for beginners and anyone curious about weaving and how to start this beautiful craft.

What you will learn:
-Basic weaving techniques to create your own woven wall hanging
-Mindfulness skills that can be applied to weaving and other areas of life
-To create whilst noticing the voice of comparison and expectation, and defying it