Weaving Kits (incl. ebook and fibre)


The nature of weaving helps us to slow down, physically, while the skill of mindfulness allows us to slow down our minds, too.

We have two options for our Weaving Kits:

1. Two round looms, ebook and fibre

2. Square loom, tool kit, ebook and fibre

Our ebooks take you through the process of creating a woven wall hanging. We'll show you, step by step, how to include a range of techniques into your weaving. And along the way, we've popped in some mindful moments to help you stay present while you learn a new craft, as well as in your everyday life.

Our 44x44cm looms and kits are reusable and handmade in Melbourne.

Our round weaving kit comes with two metal rings - both roughly 20cm.

Please check our 'fibre kit' listings to see which kits are available, and make a note of which colour palette you would like.

[Boring bits...]

Due to the digital nature of our ebook, no refunds can be issued.

This ebook is currently only available in Australia.